Scars Laser Surgery

What is Laser Surgery?

A laser works when it produces a powerful beam of light which moves in one direction.  This laser seals, cuts or vaporizes tissues of the skin and/or blood vessels and can create one specific wavelength that can vary in intensity and pulse durations.  Because of this, Intense Pulsed Light or IPL has the ability for treating blood vessels and pigment issues.

The Benefit of laser/IPL surgery

There are several benefits that you should know about.  A few of them are listed below:

  • Improvement of therapeutic outcomes
  • Decreased infection danger
  • Surgery without blood
  • In most instances there scarring will be minimal
  • Safe, outpatient surgery usually done in one day

What kind of laser/IPL surgery is needed?

Depending on the kind of scarring you have will depend on the type of surgery that is needed.  Currently no single type of laser can be used to treat all skin disorders but you and your dermatologist will decide on which type of surgery will be used in your case to achieve the results that are best for you.

Who should perform the surgery?

A dermatologic surgeon has been trained completely in laser and IPL surgery.  These are the doctors who founded and perfected these procedures.

What lasers and IPL’s are used the most?

Below is a list of the most commonly used lasers and IPL treatments:

  • Carbon Dioxide Laser – This procedure can be used as “focused” to make an incision in the skin without drawing blood, “defocused” for skin vaporizing, and “ultra-pulsed” to resurface facial skin.  This method is used to remove tiny lines and wrinkles from the face, can smooth out scars from acne and can rejuvenate aged and skin that has been damaged by the sun.
  • Erbium (ER): YAG Laser Carbon Dioxide Laser – This procedure penetrates skin to absorb water and the heat effects from the laser light is scattered.  This method is used to remove skin that has been damaged by the sun while leaving the healthy skin intact.  It is used also to improve wrinkles on the face, mild surface scars or discolored splotchy skin.
  • Yellow light lasers – This method uses an organic dye which produces yellow colored light.  Since the hemoglobin can absorb yellow light better than any other color this method is used to treat blood vessel conditions like red birthmarks, swollen blood vessels, rosacea, and red nose syndrome.  This can also be used in treating stretch marks and is safe enough to be used on an infant or child.
  • Green light lasers –  This method works like the yellow light laser but is used to treat age spots, freckles, lentigines and smaller blood vessels found on the legs or on the face.
  • Red light lasers – Much like the green and yellow light lasers, this method emits a red light in short, high energy pulses because of the technique known as Q-switching.  This method is generally used for tattoo removal and can be used for treating age spots or other brown spots like freckles or café-au-lait spots.  This method can also be used to remove hair for an extended period of time and in some cases, for good.

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