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Answers to Your Acne Scar Questions

If you are someone who has acne scars and are considering some form of treatment for them, there are questions you probably have.  Below are some of the questions that a patient may face in seeking any kind of treatment for their scars.

Is treatment right for me?

You are the only one who can decide if treatment is right for you.  For some, they believe acne scars reduce the quality of their life, but some believe it isn’t that bad.  You should speak with a dermatologist to see what the options are that you have and if the following thoughts ever occur:

  • You often wish the acne scars could be removed
  • You believe the acne scars reduce your chances of dating, employment, or doing as well as you could in school
  • Depression or lower self-esteem since getting the scars

Before making a decision to have any type of treatment there are some things will definitely need to know:

  • Insurance typically does not pay for treatment
  • Numerous treatments might be required with time for recovery
  • Treatment can help some, but your skin will not go back to the way it was before treatment

If you are still suffering from acne your doctor will treat the acne before proceeding with any type of treatment since any new acne can cause different scars.  If you are a patient that takes isotretinoin research shows that it is not wise to go through acne scar treatment at the same time as it can lead to worse scarring.  Your dermatologist will advise you to wait on treatment.

What causes acne scars?

Genetics can pay a big part in the reason a person develops acne scars.  Because of traits that are passed down through generations will make some more susceptible to scarring.  Also, it will depend on how serious your acne was.  The more severe the acne, the greater your chances of having scars.

Dermatologists can tell what will increase the chance of acne scars they cannot tell who might get them and who might not.  There is no way to tell the outcome of that.  If you develop acne, it is vital to get start treatment with a dermatologist as soon as possible.  If you wait you are running the risk of developing more severe acne that can lead to deep scarring of the skin.

Are over-the-counter scar treatments effective?

These treatments will not get rid of scars completely, but they can help with diminishing scars that aren’t really deep, make the scars that are raised flatter, and decrease skin discoloration.  Look for creams that contain Vitamin C, retinol and glycolic acid as these will make the scars less noticeable and contain collagen which makes the skin plumper.

Are at-home microdermabrasion kits effective?

Until you consult with your dermatologist do not use any at-home treatments since the safety of these are questionable.  If they are not used properly they can actually make the scars look worse and some contain ingredients that can cause a reaction from your skin.  If you do choose to use them, the results will not turn out the same as professional medical treatment and might not last as long.

What is the best way to treat acne scars?

No single treatment is the best for acne scars since there are differences in shapes, sizes, and where they are located on the body.  Some are deeper while others are not.  For those with scars that aren’t very deep you can use a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing.  Consult your dermatologist about what is the best treatment for you and the scars you have.

Picking a dermatologist

You need to find a dermatologist that you can trust and that will give you the best treatment options for your skin.  You have to be able to talk to him or her about what options you want to explore and if they are right for you.

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